Saint Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church

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                Your new church home is as close as your first visit with us!

We welcome you to a place of worship and Christian growth
in the knowledge and love of the Lord.
Our purpose is to fulfill our mission to the members, the Pensacola Bay Area community,
the Episcopal Church, and to all who enter this holy space.
All are welcome to come and join the congregation of St. Francis of Assisi to glorify and praise God.

                                         Special messages concerning worship

Family of St. Francis, 

I imagine, like all of us, you are eager to get back to the way things were before our country and the rest of the world was turned upside down with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Tuesday afternoon, April 28, Bishop Kendrick released an update regarding all in-person worship and church related gatherings. I highly encourage you to read the attached letter from the bishop to the diocese as well as the additional notes from the bishop appointed ‘Returning Home Task Force,’ which you will find at the conclusion of the bishop’s letter. There you will find general information about some of the elements being discussed as we consider our return to worship together as a diocese. 

I am sure you have questions. What is the plan for getting back to worship? What are the details and how will this be done? These and similar questions are being discussed on multiple levels. One thing is clear - in the Episcopal Church, we have a shared communion in common prayer. While each church does have local customs, the consensus from our bishop and clergy is to move forward as one body. In the words of Bishop Kendrick, “all congregations will… reopen in some manner concurrently and in unity.” 

With this in mind, Bishop Kendrick has extended the suspension of in-person gathering of worship until Pentecost, May 31. The bishop and the task force may revisit this date and extend it further if needed. As of now, at St. Francis, all in-person worship, gatherings, events, meetings, etc., remain suspended until May 31. The bishop joins with all of us in wanting to return to normal as soon as possible, or at least the best normal we can safely create together. 

Just because the church is not open does not mean we, your staff, are not “here” for you. Chris is in the office most days from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. to receive mail, prepare bulletins, etc., and when she is not here, the phones are forwarded to her mobile number so you can always call for information. Bill continues his normal hours and Cathy continues to offer preludes for Sunday worship. Fr. Tim is either here or available by cell phone at any time in addition to live-stream opportunities. Any questions or concerns you may have, please contact the staff or member of the vestry. Again, please take note of the entirety of Bishop Kendrick’s letter to the diocese and notes from the ‘Returning Home Task Force.’ 

With the Peace of Christ, 

Fr. Tim, staff, and vestry of St. Francis 

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St. Francis of Assisi Episcopal Church
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1 St. Francis Drive, Gulf Breeze FL 32561
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St. Francis of Assisi is a parish within
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